the week in review

Some highlights from the last seven days:
-Last Friday I took Elsie to the dentist where he confirmed that her front tooth his dead (she hit it on a table at ecfe when she slid out of her chair...) It is beginning to darken and may go black. Which means we very well may have a redheaded farm girl with a black front tooth. Too cliche?

-Saturday was Honeyfest and it was a blast. When everyone left we lit Ivar's little bees wax candle and had honey toast in the living room watching the rain come down. It was a very cozy moment.

-Sunday was Father's Day and we got to celebrate with both families. First we went to the church where my dad is serving as an interim pastor. It felt so good to hear him preach again! He was born to preach and to hear him speak the truth of the gospel again was a joy. Annika's girls and Ivar and Elsie all went forward to help hold signs up during the reading of the creation story. Elsie would wave and say, "Hi Mommy!" every so often. And Ivar told the lady leading the children's sermon, "Oh! We have an orchard with apple trees in it!" We went for lunch and then to a park where all of these pictures were taken. Then we were off to the Groves for fried chicken. It was a beautiful afternoon and I did not even bring out my camera. I suppose I regret that now, but it also means I was soaking up the lovely day and good conversations.

-Monday I went to my sister-in-law Lisa's to make pennants for the Stepping Stones walk. It was a kick. Lisa is so fun and my equal in excitability. And we may have gotten a bit excited while buying our fabric. The walk is only one mile, but I think we have enough pennants for a 5K. It was a fantastic day of shopping, making friends with the workers at JoAnns, and then cutting all the fabric into triangles talking all the while. Wait until you see the final product!

-Tuesday I attended the last Celebrate Dundas planning meeting. The day is going to be awesome (June 28th!). Have I mentioned that there will be Scottish highland calves there? Do a google search of that one...they're like teddy bear cows mixed with a little ewok.

-Wedneday I went golfing with two friends for my first time in five years. As it turns out, my lack of golfiing for five years was quite evident. That first hole made me wonder just how awkward this game was going to be. But I got better as we kept playing and we laughed so much. Even when I'm lousy, I love golfing. I love being outside like that and obviously after a five year break, I don't take it too seriously. It was an awesome night out. We've got six more dates on the calendar this summer and I'm gunning for "Most Improved" at the year end Girls Golf Banquet.

-Thursday was a rainy day (it has been a rainy week...month...spring) when we watched our town sandbag and take on a whole lot of water. We have experienced the rainiest June on record in Minnesota. The sun today is so welcome.

-And today we're getting ready to bring our kids to my parents (thanks mom and dad!) so Rory and I can go to a wedding. This weekend we're helping cousins move into a new house and celebrating the beginning of summer at a big party at Annika and Jedd's. Have a Happy Weekend, everyone!

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