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garage sales

Tonight I took the kids to see our flooded river, to kwik trip to get bananas and milk and then decided to stop at a garage sale on the way home. Before we got out of the car I tried to explain a garage sale to Ivar.

Becca: "Ivar, we're going to stop at this house here that has balloons out front because this is a garage sale."
Ivar: "Oh, what are we going to get there?"
Becca: "That's just the thing. You never know what you are going to get. You don't know what you need until you see it."
Ivar: (half a pause) "I need trains!"

And the super lucky boy found exactly what he was looking for. Stuffed into a ziplock bag for $3 were a whole lot of Thomas, Percy and James trains. He was thrilled.

And then he came home and matched them to his bed sheets. Neither Rory or I were around, but he called us into his room very proudly to show us what he had done. This kid is starting to preschool himself...


Emily said...

Calvin does the same matching game with his trains and pictures in Thomas books. Haha! Too great. What a lucky find!

We do so much garage saling that Calvin is telling everybody "I got it at Garage Sale" when showing them his toys! :)

Unknown said...

He sure is! I love it!

Nancy Holte said...

Smart kid! What a great find.

Marlene Groves said...

Ivar is aptly named for his great grandfather, Ivar! He loved trains, too! Actually, he jumped them and rode them across the country when he was a young man. We won't tell the little one those stories!