names for the kittens

We have had a lot of suggestions for naming our kittens. At the tree tapping party we had a bowl set out where everyone could suggest their own ideas. There were lots of fun names to choose from: my grandpa's names Phil and Johnny (to go with Velma and Verna...who is now Vernon), Ellie and Mittens, Spot and Kellie, Maple and Pancake, Tiger and Spot, Ida and Stella, Murph the Smurf and my personal favorites: Kelly and Sharin. 

And for a while Marlene and Margaret were in the mix, named after our awesome moms. But last week I had to take the kittens to the vet because one of their eyes wasn't opening due to an infection. And there I was told that one of them is definitely a boy and the other is likely a boy. 

Ivar was with me and they asked what the kittens names were. I told the vet we hadn't decided, so she recorded Kitten #1 and Kitten #2. And when I asked Ivar what he thought we should name them, he said his suggestions for the umpteenth time. The names he hasn't wavered from since the cats were born: Thomas and Percy. Named after his favorite trains in the world.

So ladies and gentlemen, I believe we have settled on their names. Enjoy some sweet, hungry meows from Thomas and Percy.

kittens- 2 weeks old from Becca Groves on Vimeo.

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Kristen said...

I really liked Maple and Pancake, but I feel as though Ivar's picks were pretty great too! I love that he named them after his favorite trains! So cute!