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little signs of springtime

These pictures were taken two weeks ago, but I really want to get this day documented. Because it was the quintessential happy spring day, one where you could feel everything coming back to life again. It was a Wednesday and the sun was out and Rory decided to tap the first two trees. It was the day when I brought the kids out in the garage and was surprised by two teeny kittens that had just been born.

Ivar was still napping during the tree tapping, so Elsie got undivided mom and dad time. Which always feels special when the second born gets a little parent time all by herself.

And then that night, after we put the kids to bed we started our garden. Our former neighbor, Alison, graciously gave Rory her grow lights so that we can start our seeds even when there is snow on the ground. We got our seeds out of the bottom drawer of the fridge and started making a plan.

I mixed up some muddy soil to spoon into the egg cartons and the smell of dirt made us so happy. It smelled like spring. It smelled like that snow might actually melt away one day.

We ended the night watching Downton Abbey and rehashed the day: It started with ECFE, it included tree tapping and baby kittens. And it concluded with planting seeds for our garden. Springtime, new life, and hope in warmer weather was running through our veins. It was a day we won't soon forget.

And now, two weeks later, our little garden is growing in mighty ways. And the kittens have opened their eyes. And the sap is flowing. God put all these little wonders all around us, and I'm trying to keep my eyes wide open so I don't miss a thing.

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