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pronto painting

When my sister lived in Montana, I had this thing for painting her house. She'd tell me what room, and the color she was thinking and I'd run to Ace to get color samples. Often I would have just arrived after taking the train from Minnesota, and would start my painting project pretty immediately.

She and Jedd lived in a little cottage by the water and I painted her living room and stairwell, the room downstairs, her entry and maybe her bathroom. I can't remember if I did that one or not. 

But here's what I remember most. I'd arrive off the Amtrak and we'd start talking and she'd say things like, "oh, I'd love to paint this room...." or "I would love some color in here..." And I couldn't understand it. I would think, Annika. Just paint the room. 

Well. Guess what I didn't fully grasp? Annika had  an infant and a toddler. 

This reality only really hit me during the past few months. I have had this lovely window installed for quite a while now, but absolutely no motivation to paint the trim. Or the door. Or the baseboard. I had no oomph to finish the room because I, too, have wee ones.

So to get the job done, I actually dropped my kids off at my folks' for an overnight so I'd feel the pressure just to do it. I did, and it was absolute drudgery. Mind numbing boredom. Trim is a bear. All the grooves in the windows, painting around the window locks, getting into every corner. The windows nearly killed me. 

But then the windows were done. After three coats and a weeks worth of time they were all white. 

And I discovered something else while applying coats two and three. I could get a lot done from the hours of 8pm to 10pm. That's a lot of time without kids. And, after the windows, I saw the rest of the painting projects in the house as simple. Painting a door? Easy! Painting a wall? Are you kidding? It's totally flat! 

Something snapped in me and I got to work. I currently am in my fifth night of painting my house. Each day I plan for a different project in the house. Two nights ago it was the door in the kitchen. Last night it was the backsplash and then I got crazy and did the walls too. I painted the whole kitchen in a day and it's awesome.

The paint people at Menards recognize me now. I come in each morning to grab paint samples for the next project and come in later in the afternoon to purchase the paint. 

While painting, I remembered what I called myself when I painted Annika's house in Montana. I always told her, "I'm a pronto painter. It may not be perfect, but I can get it done pronto." I prided myself on my speed. I'm grabbing hold of that title once again. And you know, it looks so good. Color looks good in my house. Little projects add up over five days and the blank walls I have been staring at for sixteen months are now finally getting covered with color. 

Are you inspired? Me too!

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