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o christmas tree

Tonight I was standing in the laundry room looking out the window waiting for they dryer to buzz. I watched the snow come down and was amazed at how quickly it was accumulating. Honestly, the snow is so ridiculous at this point that it's sort of laughable.

Sort of.

But then I saw our christmas tree. We had hoisted it into the grove in January. And since trees are heavy, it didn't get very far. I saw that tree and decided she wasn't done shining yet. I thought it would be funny to set her up in the front yard for all the neighbors to see, a christmas tree lit up on April 22.  So I told Ivar we should go out and decorate our christmas tree again.

Ivar loved the idea. He happily put on his boots and joined me in this adventure. And he said, "remember we get our christmas tree with Mark and Kathy and Baby Isaac!" Ivar doesn't seem to forget anything. We found the tree stand in the garage, grabbed the light box off the shelf and walked around the house to find the outdoor socket.

The tree is half brown and half green. And it is lovely. I hope my neighbors enjoy it too.

We are ready for spring here. Don't get me wrong. But this did seem like an appropriate way to make lemonade out of these lemons.

Once Ivar went to bed, I went out again and got some pictures when the sun was going down.

And now I just took this picture out the window. The snow had me down earlier this afternoon, but this christmas tree has brightened my evening. 


Nancy Holte said...

You crack me up. I turned our outside Christmas lights on a week or so ago when it was snowing. Gotta say, I love all these pictures but that last one is a winner!

Becca Groves said...

I think so too Nancy! I took that with a point and shoot, leaning out the window with the screen off and used no photoshop. Isn't it something?!!

margaret harrington said...

You motivated me to go out and plug in our Christmas star!

elsak said...

LOVE it!!!!

elsak said...

LOVE it!!!!