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First off, I have a dear friend from Mount Carmel who used to be my camp counselor. And she's pure joy to know. I just got her family Christmas card and at the bottom was the sneaky announcement: Love, (the family) ...and baby #4. Ah! So excited! Such happy, happy news!

I learned a new skill this slide shows. I bought Premiere Elements two years ago and have wanted to make videos for so long. So this week I have been working on a few slide shows set to music and love remembering how empowering it feels to learn something new. Yes, it is technology and yes, I did yell and tell Rory that computers are so stupid, but yes, I pushed through and have some cool videos to show for my patience with technology.

Speaking of patience. I got out Grandma B's sewing machine and sewed the hanging paper stars for Elsie's nursery. I took out the machine with a bit of trepidation, but Grandma had it all set for me. The bobbin was loaded, the needle was threaded and all I had to do was hit the pedal. Can't explain how close and hugged I felt while using her sewing machine.

Four links I want to pass along. I read these this week and was inspired. Just wanted to pass along the inspiration.

1. This post from Elise Blaha on goals and to-do lists is awesome. I have filled up my planner already and I feel so empowered. Which is how I always feel when I'm reading Elise's blog.

2. I love this writing on resolutions.

3. Complete and wondrous eye candy. I don't know if I've ever seen trees so lovely. Pictures taken by my friend Nancy.

4. I'm not even sure what I'm looking at, but it makes me want a drum carder of my own!

And I'll leave you with a few Ivar quotes, and a bonus Rory quote to round out the randomness.

Yesterday we went on a family adventure to the nearby Meat Locker. It was awesome. Rory spent $30 of his Christmas money on ground beef, smoked jerky sticks, three kinds of brats and a jar of bbq sauce. He commented, "I can think of no better use for my Christmas money than meat."

On the drive back we saw some Llama's. We stopped to watch them and then drove on. Ivar was frustrated that we hadn't seen an animal in 30 seconds and was crying for More Cows and Horses! Rory told him that was enough. We would have to be patient and look out our window. So then Ivar turned on his falsetto voice and said nicely to me, "More Llamas please, Mama. More Llamas please."

And finally, at bedtime I was telling Ivar that Grandma is my mama. He thought for a moment and then shot back, "Oh. Grandpa is my mama."


Unknown said...

I love the stars!

Nancy Holte said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out AND for getting me addicted to Elise's blog.

sarah in the woods said...

I love the bright, colorful decorations and the lights. And I'm totally stuck on Elise's blog too!