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soup for mary

Ivar had his fisher price nativity set out yesterday and I asked him what the king had in his hand. He looked at it and said, "Soup." I asked him what the other kings had in their hands. And he answered, "More soup."

Not a bad idea. I would imagine Mary would have appreciated some warm soup after delivering Jesus. Maybe more than gold. Warm soup after having a baby? Good thinking, Ivar.

**It should be noted that the above picture was staged by a 31 year old during nap time. At no time are these characters set up like this. Usually there is a garbage truck and a few tractors in the mix. Usually all of the nativity sets are mixed together so there are three baby Jesus'.

And in other exciting and thrilling sister Annika is blogging again!!! Sort of. Actually, I am blogging for her. But her girls are so funny, she has stories every day, and I decided that I will post them for her just so they get written down. Click here to visit her blog.


margaret harrington said...

When I asked Svea the same question about the gifts for baby Jesus, she replied, "A water bottle, cake and birthday cake".

Sarah McQuade said...

We have that same nativity set! Ethan's only 9 months so he mostly just nibbles on the bumpy sheep and smashes around. The camel with the Donald Trump hair cracks me up.

Becca Groves said...

off to investigate the hair on the camel!!!