This picture has nothing to do with the subject of this post. But it sure is a cute picture, isn't it?
There is a strange thing that happens in blog land. People write their hearts, their minds, their joys and sorrows and then they hit publish. And sometimes someone leaves a comment.

Oh a comment. A comment can sustain the blog author for weeks. It can get kind of quiet sometimes, posting pictures, writing stories, wondering if anyone out there is taking notice.

So when someone does...when someone says hello, I like this. Or, hello, your kid is cute. Or, hello, sometimes you're funny. Well, when this happens, somewhere out there a rainbow appears. A choir sings. A kitten purrs. A child laughs joyfully down a slide. (Aha! I worked the picture into my post. Brilliant!) And the blog author may just think to themselves weeks later, 'member when I got that comment in 2010. that was awesome.

So what I am about to tell you is terrible. Just terrible.

A while back I changed my settings for people to leave comments so that you wouldn't have to go through so many hoops just to leave a word or two. Mostly this was for my Aunt Louie who often tells me that my blog hates her. Well, she doesn't say that, but you can tell she feels dejected. So I took off all the safeguards. So it would be easier. As a result I get a lot of spam comments that blogger filters. They never go public, and mostly they are gibberish and go right in my gmail spam folder. But apparently it also means that the comments you have been leaving, the ones here, still on the blog, have been going into my spam folder in my email. This means nothing to you, and really isn't a huge deal. They still end up on my blog because blogger is smart like that. Except that it means I haven't seen the comments you've been leaving on this thing for months because I read all my comments in gmail... which has been marking them as spam. For months! Months! I just thought we all got real quiet.

Sometimes I'd check a post right on the blog, and then I could see them. And I'd respond. But just now I scrolled through and found a whole bunch of comments I never had read.

For shame. For shame.

So, blog readers. A couple things. Please comment! For the love, leave me some love. And second, I'm going to try to respond more. Blog books say this is key to good blogging etiquette. And thus far I've been a terrible host. Bad manners. Poor form. But I'm going to try to change all that and respond.

Deal? Deal.


Anonymous said...

That's one good looking boy.

- Your brother

Beth S. said...

Guilty as charged! I read your blog faithfully, but because I have only met you once or twice, I've been reluctant to leave a comment. I have grandchildren close to Ivar and
Elsie's ages (one of them is named Elsa!), so I can relate your stories to them. I enjoy your writing so much, as I'm sure many other reluctant commenters do.

Becca Groves said...

Thanks for the comment brother.

And Beth, I read so many blog and rarely comment myself. I'm totally a part of it. But I'm so glad you outed yourself's nice to have a few faces to picture as I post :)


sarah in the woods said...

When I started blogging I thought it would be great to have ten followers. I thought ten followers meant ten comments per post. Ha ha. I should have known better since I don't do that much commenting myself.
For the comments on my blog, I took off the passwords, because I find them really annoying to do myself, but I left on that I have to approve the comments. That way the commenter doesn't have any hoops to jump through, but I never miss a comment.

Becca Groves said...

oh this is good to know, Sarah. I'll have to figure out how to change that setting. Because that's exactly what I want.

The crazy thing is that those passwords now are so hard...half of them are foggy pictures of apartment numbers or something. They're hard to read!

Kristen said...

I'm absolutely one of those people who loves getting comments on my blog (full on choirs and rainbows generally appear for me!), but I rarely take the time to leave them on others' blogs. I think now I might try to be more consistent with my thanks for the reminder!

Paige L said...

How exciting! Well, not the lost comments bit, but that I can now write comments whenever my little heart desires. I never did before, because just like your aunt, I was having quite a hard time. But now, you're going to be so sick of me, as I'll be commenting all the time. Oh, the doors you have opened, sweet Becca...thank you!

Becca Groves said...

Kristen, hooray for choirs and rainbows! Thanks for spreading the love!

And Paige! Can't wait! The rest of you should know that Paige usually comments by sending a six paragraph email commenting on weeks worth of posts. It's like the mother of all comments. Can't wait to have you leaving your two cents here!

Marlene said...

Just so you know, Becca, Beth is Bill Snow's daughter! Papa 2's best friend. Kristen is Rory's and your second cousin, Uncle Orville's granddaughter!
Loved reading the comments!!

Mary Jago said...

YES - I can comment now!! Oh technology - I will learn more. thanks for making it so I can comment to my favorite writer!! Love you!

Becca Groves said...

Mom Groves...thank you for this!!! I remember this now that you mention the relations! But it makes blogging so much more fun when I know the big and small world I'm blogging to. :)

Aunt Louie, I just got your comment on the church post and couldn't be more happy you're here and able to leave a comment!!! Hooray!