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today she's 37

She's always known how to rock an outfit. Skinny enough to tie a bandanna around her waist. She's jazzy on the flute and has 20/40 vision. She's my sister, and today she's 37.

She's not afraid to tuck her pants into her socks and is always ready to pose for the camera. She's got thick hair to create large feathered bangs, glasses on her cheeks and teeth that are just about fully grown. Today those teeth are fully grown, because today she's 37.

She's not afraid to color block, trendy way ahead of her time. She matches her necklace to her shorts, her socks with her short sleeve sweatshirt and lets her side pony blow casually with the wind. She's my sister. And today she's 37.

I've always wanted to be just like her. Always wanted to tie my shoes on a tall fence in a birch forest. Always looked up to her, loved her with all my heart and felt blessed beyond measure that she's my big sister. Today's her birthday. She's 37.

Leave her a facebook message or drop her an email. Or leave her a little love in the comments today. I'll make sure she sees this post.  



margaret harrington said...

Oh Annika! I have been thinking today about all the joy you have brought to our life..but you and Becca together...pure laughter!

Marlene said...

Happy Birthday, Annika!!
Don't you just love having a little sister?!!

Jamie Willow said...

oh this reminds me of all the fab pics I have of my little sister...she might actually hurt me though if I ever posted

elsak said...

Oh, thank you for the needed laughs tonight, Becca! It's been entirely tooo long since I've read your blog. Love you! And happy belated birthday to dear Annika!