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a little catch up

I have so much that I have wanted to share on this blog. Little time I guess. So here are a few of the things in my head in one very random mind dump:

+I chose this picture to begin this post for two reasons. Number one: because it's adorable. Number two: to announce that my bangs are finally long enough to pull back. Somebody shout something!! Many a bobby pin has been used to keep these bangs out my eyes and now they are officially part of the rest of my hair. Praisalluja!

+My sister is wise. She was at a conference last week and told me later, "it was good. one session was pretty basic and a waste of time but I had stationary in my bag so I wrote notes to our aunts." And then she told me that she always brings stationary to events like this just in case. What foresight!

+And she shared this with me: She has a friend who is trying to create more rhythm and routine in her life in an attempt to take better care of herself. So she decided that every day she would 1) make her bed 2) put fresh lemon in her water bottle and 3) put nice lotion on her feet, followed by thick socks before she goes to bed. And the friend reported that these three simple things really make a difference in her everyday. I liked these ideas a lot.

+I think Annika is so pretty. She looks tired in this picture, and cold, but I think she is so beautiful.


+ When we were on the north shore for the Harrington Family Reunion I got to hear my brother read bedtime stories to the kids. And it was awesome. He's an attorney, but the man has a real knack for reading Winnie the Pooh. He used different voices for all of the characters. He sped up and slowed down, he was loud for some voices and quiet for others. I was transfixed. And he didn't even know I was listening. He was up in the loft with the kids and I was down below. But I left totally convicted that I need to up my game for bedtime stories. It's time to bring it.

+Also. While en route to the north shore I looked back at Ivar in his footie pajamas (we set out early) and asked Rory if he had grabbed Ivar's shoes by the door before we left. He did not. I didn't either. So Ivar got to wear pink mary janes for four days of hiking on rocks. Thankfully my cousin Yang Yang and his daughter Nui Nui had brought these brand new shoes to give to Svea for her birthday. But they fit Ivar, and he really made them his own.

+And, after a few people asked: Yang Yang is my Aunt Jane's nephew. He came to the United States probably 15 years ago and I consider him a only cousin on the Harrington side. He married Nancy and they have Nui Nui. Unfortunately Nancy couldn't make it to the reunion because she was abroad (I think in Poland) for a work conference. Thank you YY and NN for letting Ivar wear the shoes you intended for Svea all weekend!

+Finally, I will close with a picture I just came across while looking at all of these North Shore pictures. I appreciate that they included a dog in this quality photo op from Split Rock.

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