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due in five days...

...and here's what I'm thinking:

*There was a sweet innocence and excitement about going into labor with baby #1. Now I know better. And I remember it all. And even though I am so excited for the baby to be here, I am really not excited about the painful process that takes place in the hours before the baby is born.

*In my wishful head, I had hoped the baby would come early so that we could have some down time before the moving day. I am now realizing wishful thinking is not very helpful because this baby will come when it wants to. And that might be a week late. And I'll just have to roll with that.

*Ivar has been especially snuggly lately and I love it. I wonder how aware he is of all the changes that are happening around him. He rests his head on my shoulder, needs lots and lots of attention and affection and is very concerned if Rory and I are out of his sight. He also gives my belly lots of hugs and rocks the cradle while repeating, "baby. baby."

*I am so glad we are pulling off this baby-and-a-move-craziness with baby #2. It would have been too much with baby #1, with how much I needed to be set up and prepared. With this baby, I am fully aware that a cradle, diapers and a few outfits will be plenty for baby until we can get settled into the new house.


sarah in the woods said...

You look great. Hope everything goes smoothly for you. And your new place sounds amazing.

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Love the belly shot - super cute. In the ideal world that neither of us live in due to current demands and commitments, wouldn't it be fun to get together and do a few belly comparison shots? And then post them on our respective blogs and blog it out???

Becca Groves said...

Thanks Sarah. I am actually feeling great too, which is awesome and has been rare in this pregnancy. Funny that I'm feeling my best during this last stretch.

And Beth, I'd love to see your belly! Are you carrying differently now with a girl? So curious!