Bubby BowWow

I have a strong feeling I'm having a little boy. This is based on absolutely nothing...I have had many phases of being convinced it is a girl. But for some reason, the closer we get, the more I think I will be utterly shocked if it is a girl.

We have our first and middle name chosen for a girl, set in stone. And we have our boys first name as well. But we are completely stumped for a middle name.

We brought the issue to Ivar a few weeks ago at the dinner table. We asked him, "Ivar, if you have little brother, what should his middle name be?" And he replied confidently and with volume, "Bubby BowWow."

So sometimes we refer to the baby as Bubby BowWow.

This week we have been spending a lot of our time down at the creek, throwing rocks and sticks in the water and watching the dogs, bikes and airplanes pass by. We've essentially discovered that the creek is the best babysitter ever. Ivar is completely entertained and we can sit in our camping chairs and take in the nice day with an occupied son.

And when I watch Ivar, so busy gathering tiny rocks to throw in the moving water, it makes me so excited for the brother or sister he has coming, who will join him in his adventures.


[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

With your next kid, you should get Rory to agree that you get to find out the gender ahead of time. I mean, come on: he got to do two his way; you should be able to do at least one your way...

Marlene said...

We LOVE boys! And girls!

Becca Groves said...

Ha! Beth!
The truth is, I am fully on board with waiting to find out. I sort of love the suspense and even while dating we had said we'd wait to be surprised. This is not to say that I'd love to know! I am dying to find out! But I can wait. And hopefully not too much longer!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Here's me, just trying to stir the pot... ;-)