uncle jake, he had a farm EIEIO

We went on a little weekend adventure on Friday. Had to go see the baby moo's and baby meow's. And the buzz-lips-like-an-engine tractors. It was a great trip. We all got to ride in the tractor with Uncle Jake, Ivar and his second cousins Ida and Stella became quick playfriends, Aunt Louie made me my alltime favorite spaghetti and cheese sauce, and Ivar let us know when it was time to visit the cows again by standing at the front door with his shoes in his hands yelling, "moo!"

The coolest thing at this farm right now are the farmers. Uncle Jake is now farming with his daughter Sarah. Sarah is my elder cousin by three months and is working to take over the whole operation one day. She's tough as nails, mother, wife and 31-year-old female farmer. I mean, for real. I just think this is so cool. I'm so proud of her.

On Friday night we were up talking and Uncle Jake came and gave Sarah instructions for the morning. She is driving this tractor lately, over the planted fields, pushing down the large rocks with those heavy rollers. Uncle Jake told her she had 1 1/2 inch clearance on either side...if she got the wheels of course at all she would rip up the newly planted beans with the tractor tires.

It made me think about how sometimes I hit that buzz strip with my ford focus on a large highway, and how Sarah only had 1 1/2 inches of grace with this huge tractor! It also made me feel badly that we had stayed up so late when I saw her in the field the next morning. No dozing on a tractor.
We went to a farm auction on Saturday morning. That was a whole new experience for me. We left for naptime, but they actually auctioned the entire farm at the end. It was an old farmer's place, now dealing with memory loss. Cool to see the community show up and so fun to take in the banter of an auctioneer.
 And then, perhaps the highlight for one person in attendance: we shot guns.

Even the 8 month pregnant mama shot a round. This gun hit my shoulder hard...I wasn't a huge fan. But my husband was a huge fan of watching his round belly wife fire a weapon. Which made it all worth it.


Marlene said...

Love the farm pictures!! Every boy needs to spend some time at a farm!
And Sarah, amazing!!
Rory says we need to double date for a round at a shooting range. I'm getting pretty good at it. Rory's a great teacher!!

Christ Is My Passion said...

Looks fun! My wife's sister-Rachel and her husband Dennis and our 2 nephews live on their own hobby farm. My two kids love tractors! They can't get enough of them when they go to county fairs or to the state fair.