ladybug cupcakes

On Friday, Annika and I got together to frost Mara's cupcakes. Mara had found a picture in a kids cookbook of ladybugs. Aren't they cute?!!

I helped lead the games at each girls birthday party, and tapped into my inner camp counselor...big time. It was super fun, super comical and super exhausting. This first game was like a cake walk, except the numbers were scattered. When the music stopped everyone stepped on a number, we pulled a number from a hat, and the person on that number got a starburst. That's a winner of a game. Easy and active.
And what is a birthday party without the fishing game?!! The fishing poles were loaded on the otherside of the sheet with a gummy worm and sent back over. Yum and Fun.
Each party was a little different, as Mara's party had eleven kids around age 7 and Sonna's party had ten kids around age 5. Very different attention spans! :) But between the two, we also played Birthday Blanket Name Drop, Birthday Tag, Sonna Says, Duck Duck Grey Duck, Pin the Cloud on the Rainbow, Balance Beam (with a book and an umbrella), Birthday Tag, Stone Stone and at both parties a spontaneous dance party was held shortly after the cupcakes had been consumed, thanks to the sugar high.


Rachel said...

LOVE this birthday party! We celebrated Kiera's birthday on Saturday and you will never guess what Josh led us in, Stone Stone, after he took Kiera and Beth on a hunt for a magical stone! Let's get our kids together and play camp games or swing at the playground, really so we can get together and play!

Becca Groves said...

This makes me happier than you will know. I adore that game...but I think it's lost on most.

Happy Birthday to Kiera! And yes, anytime you want to play camp games: Lemonade, French and Brittish, Tarp Drop...just count me in.

Actually, wouldn't it be so fun to get all FLBC former staff together at some big city park for a bbq and big field games?!! Oh my word, that might be the best idea I've had in ages. AGES!