prayers for Calvin

Baby Calvin is underwent huge surgery today. In the words of his parents on their caring bridge site, "The weight of the surgery is daunting as parents, but not for God. We ask you to pray Calvin and us."

We just got word that the surgery was successful on many fronts. Now they ask for prayers for healing and an uneventful stay while he recovers at the hospital.

I wanted to share these prayer cards I made for Calvin a few months ago. The weight of chronic anything can feel so heavy...for the parents as well as friends and family. It's too much for any one person to carry. So I made 31 cards that had 31 different pictures of Calvin with a different date of the month that the person receiving the card would then pray and show some extra support to Emily and Scott on that specific day each month. The cards read:

The 17th of every month. This is the day I commit to pray and send some extra love Calvin's way.
I can do this by:
Praying and/or fasting: Lift Calvin, Emily and Scott up in my prayers all day
A kind email: Hey, I'm praying for you today! (emily's email)
A check-in phone call: Thinking of you today. How are you? (emily's cell phone number)
Set a time to deliver a meal, make a coffee date, pass on a good magazine, lend a favorite movie, make a mix cd, give a restaurant gift card, or any sort of extra thoughtful gift.

We are walking this road with the Poeschel's and are committed to stand by them and wrap the three of them in love. Remember some months may lend themselves to doing more, others to simply do the most important thing: to pray without ceasing!

I wanted to share these in case you know someone who is carrying a load too heavy. Use the idea or the exact wording if you'd like. I like to know that 31 of us have one of these stuck to our fridge, lifting this family up to God, the only one who can actually carry such a heavy load


Emily said...

Thank you for sharing and passing along this great idea. As the receiver of it, I can say that it has made a huge difference for us knowing that Calvin is smiling upon 31 people (and more as it sparks conversations) in their homes!

Marisa said...

Thanks for this idea. I actually just made a set for a mom in our MOPS group that had triplet boys (plus a 2 year old brother). I hope that knowing that people are praying for her and encourging her will help!
Love it and thanks for sharing!

Jamie Willow said...

Becca, I am going to do this for a friend whose daughter was diagnosed with a lifetime genetic disorder...she has to be on a ventilator every night and each day of life is a gift. They are really going through it.

Could you help me? I know you are busy but if you have time to shoot me an email with more info I would so greatly appreciate it. Do you have files with the info you could send me even? just as examples, etc. anyhoooo...

jwillowb @ yahoo . com if you think that you can.