heart garland

I got pretty excited about hearts and crafts last week. And I've still got some fun projects to go. This one was easy peasy...made out of Behr paint sample cards, I cut the hearts and taped them to the string. The second lightest color on there is called "bridesmaid" which makes me laugh. I remember those dresses from a few decades ago. I think they also had very puffy sleeves and large bows on the butt.

And then I taped it up to our brand new white tile that was just put up this week in our bathroom! We have one bathroom in this house and have had workers here for over a week. It's be a bit tricky, but the starbucks up the street seem fine with me using their facilities, so whatever. The bathroom looks fantastic. I'll show some before and afters next week.

And speaking of hearts... the real, pumping kind, our friends Scott and Emily were featured on Kare 11 last night telling the story of their son Calvin who was born with his heart and liver on the outside of his body. I wrote about his dedication here. Be sure to watch this video from last nights news segment. It tells the story and gives a little glimpse into the road they have traveled and the complete miracle of baby Calvin.

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