wonders never cease

My sister-in-law Lisa gave me this amazing gift for Christmas. It was in my stocking that was filled with all sorts of other great things, but this gadget here might be my favorite new ease-of-life-innovation. Behold the Peanut Butter and Jelly Spreader. Never again will one find jelly in the peanut butter or peanut butter in the jelly.

It's so perfect because since the moment Ivar was born, I cannot get enough peanut butter and jelly toast. I craved nothing while I was pregnant with him, but now that he is here and I have no real excuse for crummy eating, this insatiable need for pbj toast will not go away.

Literally, I never had pbj toast while pregnant, but it was the very first thing I ate after delivery (probably five hours after Ivar was born) and ever since it has become this crazy comfort food. And now I have a device to help me with my craving. Merry Christmas to me. Thank you, Lisa!

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Marlene said...

I was actually out looking for one of these the other day. Your father in law definitely needs one!! Maybe Lisa has me for her stocking person next year!!