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tummy time

This weekend I remembered about tummy time. I guess it just slipped my mind until I read on that "your baby may be able to prop himself up with his arms by now..." and I realized my neglect. So this morning Ivar had some time on his belly. He was a bit concerned, kept looking at me with a confussed look like surely I had made a mistake and gave little grunts and sighs as if to say, "I don't enjoy this, so whenever you'd like to flip me over, that would be great." And when I flipped him, he was much happier.
Today I put him in his new jeans! I had a gift card to gap kids and found these jeans on the clearance rack. They're still too big for him, but I couldn't help myself this morning (plus, he had nothing clean to wear...) I thought the John Deer blanket from my Uncle Carl was a good selection to go with his work pants.
I was with my Grandma last week and told her I got Ivar his first pair of jeans and she gave me a look of disgust like I have never seen. She even made an audible disapproving sound! This is unheard of from my agreeable Grandma. But she has always had a thing about babies wearing adult clothes. She believes baby clothes should be soft and cuddly. And I would say I absolutely agree Grandma!...until I found these jeans. Then I made my exception. Ivar will just be sure not to wear them in her presence.

He's so cute, isn't he?!! :)


where the hart is said...

He sure is a good looking baby, but he has very good looking parents, too! I always look forward to your updates and get excited when it's on my dashboard :)

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

He is ADORABLE! Seriously so, so cute. And I have to say (with all due respect to your grandmom) that he looks quite sharp in his little jeans. :)

On tummy time - keep it up, mama! It's one of those things that they don't like but that is so so good for them. Call it tough love. We should have done it more with Park; our next child (whenever that will be) will have lots and lots of tummy time.

Great work, Bec!

sarah in the woods said...

Yes, he's so cute! Reminds me of when Miah was 5 months old and I suddenly realized I had never sung the alphabet song to her. I don't know how babies make it with new parents! He he!