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how to say his name

It never crossed my mind that we were naming our son a name that could be pronounced so many different ways. But I've heard a lot of different vowel sounds since he's been born. That 'a' seems to mess a lot of people up. But his name sounds much more like Iver, with a strong I and an er ending.

As my brother-in-law Jedd likes to say, "It's Ivar like MacGyver


Jamie Willow said...

ahahahaha...that is awesome. McGyver :) hehe

I knew his grandad so I knew how to say it. I didn't know how to say my nieces name for like 2 weeks after she was born though...evie...thought it was eh vie not EEvie. ha :)

cute blog post :)

Debra said...

Ivar like MacGyver. His already-high cool quotient is now somewhere out in the stratosphere!