the art of the thank you

I got this thank you in the mail from my 5 year old niece, Mara: And this one from 3 year old, Sonna:
And they came in this envelope from my sister, Annika. It says, "I love you, Sis! Great to 'see you' on Skype lately. Sonna: "Mom, you are good at flushing!" Always the encourager!

A few thoughts. The envelope note made me laugh. First because the content is hysterical. Sonna complimented Annika's ability to flush the toilet. That is funny stuff. I can't wait until Ivar can boost my ego with such complementary words... And second because our dad is the King of Envelope Notes. This is how he operates. Most weeks at college dad would send me the church bulletin in an envelope with an envelope note. Short, to the point, and consistent. I loved it.

Annika is amazing at thank yous. She always gets hers out on time and writes something thoughtful and considerate. I got this thank you in the mail and it snapped me out of my thank you note denial. I have another 70 to write since Ivar was born and so far I've been playing the New Baby card very well. But I believe it is time to write five a day until they are done. After all, I am so grateful and its time I thank the proper people for their generosity. It's just so daunting.

But something about Mara taking the time to write all of those words and to draw a picture of Twister, and Sonna working so hard on every one of those letters made me think it's time for me to work hard too and get them done.

Until then, for all of you still waiting for a thank you for a gift you sent: THANK YOU for your patience and generosity. A thank you should be coming shortly to a mailbox near you.


annika said...

This is more funny documented than it seemed in the moment. Thanks, Becca! I know you feel the love from your nieces!

Sharing Life said...

Wow, I had been checking your blog and no updates. Then, I check today, and BAM! 4 updates from Becca! Woo-hoo my night was made :-)

You seem to be doing amazing, and I love it. I love that you share your life with us!