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two weeks


This is the room where we are spending most of our time lately. I still can’t get over how our pace of life has changed. And I can’t figure out if the pace has slowed down or sped up. Life just feels more full...and full of all of the best things: family, calm, intention, and the greatest daily entertainment we’ve ever experienced. I swear we could watch Ivar awake or asleep all day long. I’m pretty sure that’s what we do.

We’re definitely in a groove here at the Groves’ house. We’ve got 3 hour feedings down with lots of naps in between. We also have a solid habit of filling diapers past capacity so that goodness saturates our little guy’s back nearly every time. We have tried different brands and different sizes of diapers and are still stumped as to what we’re doing wrong. If anyone has any helpful tips, please weigh in. We’re getting desperate here.

But other than the wet clothes and frequent wet wipe baths, we’re really doing great for having just started this adventure two weeks ago. I still have moments when I feel clumsy and out of practice and for a life-long babysitter, I am surprised at how awkward I can be with this newborn in my arms. Rory said sometimes when he holds Ivar he feels like he's trying to control multiple slinky's at one time. The good news is that Ivar doesn't seem to notice that we're not pros, or at least he has a lot of grace for us new parents.

We’ve been on a few outings, went for one final lake Harriet picnic this week, got some groceries, have been to church both Sunday’s and ventured to the doctors and Babies-r-us as well. Other than the traffic feeling too fast and chaotic, I think we’re doing alright. I still sit in the back seat with my baby like a stereotyped new mama, but I am a new mama, so stereotype me.

Most days come and go with me still in my pajama pants. I usually wake up hopeful to find some time during the day to catch up on emails or to blog or even just to shower. But somehow the day always seems to slip away and at the end of the day, none of these things end up all that pressing.

What does feel pressing is simply to be present in every moment. I saw a 3-month-old today at church and couldn’t believe how fast my tiny little boy is going to grow.



[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Hmm - interesting conundrum on the diapers question. We love Pampers and didn't have too many "blow-out" issues with them (unlike Target brand diapers). Sounds like you tried going up a size, which was my next suggestion. I will keep my thinking cap on, though, and will let you know if I come up with any tips or tricks...

p.s. Happy two week birthday, Ivar! He is soooo cute! :)

Jamie Willow said...

we are a pampers family all the way. and if you are using pampers and having blow outs you may need to go up a size. Judah was in the nb size for like a week, then 1's for a while and then into 2's before I was even finished with the 1's.

and if I haven't already passed this tip along...I can't remember if I did or not...

baby poo is full of bilirubin which is why it is yellow...and bilirubin is what causes jaundice. The cure for jaundice is sunlight...and the cure for poo stains is also sunlight. after you wash the clothes/blankets/whatever out, leave it to dry in sunlight...through a window or out side, either way works...the sunlight will take the yellow out and you won't lose a single outfit to poo :)

loved reading this post. these moments are absolutely precious. enjoy every second. it is the best time of life I swear.

sarah in the woods said...

Sorry, no help on the diaper issue - I think babies just do that. ;) But your nursery is so beautiful. The quilt is wonderful, and what's that hanging over the crib rail? Looks like a cloud. And your Ivar is such a cutie - wish I could hold him!

Stephanie said...

Get the next size up, Huggies for boys, Pampers for girls, and don't close the velcro too tight, get the nicest version until he is 6-8 weeks and his body gets a little less floppy. You should move up a few pounds under the bottom of the next weight range. So either 2s or 3s right now. If it's up his back it's almost certainly a too small diaper issue.

Failing that you could try cloth. The back elastic helps keep stuff in. That's sort of Advanced Placement Infant Parenting, though; no need to get fancy if you can just buy a bigger diaper and stop velcroing it so tightly.

E-Dubs said...

We do pampers here in our household. All hail the power of - I have found that many of the diapers I buy are much, much cheaper from that site than from buying in the store. That, and they have free delivery. The Swaddlers seem to handle blowouts better than the other brands, can't really figure out why.

Anonymous said...