free music!

You want to see the other half of this graphic? Well, you'll just have to click over to to see the end of each line printed here. (because I have no idea why it is chopped in half!)

Sara and Troy are giving away a recording of a concert they held in a women's prison last December. It is really powerful to hear her proclaim the gospel story so clearly in this setting. I got the goosebumps more than once.

Head on over to and enjoy a free download of some fantastic Christmas music. And then check to see if her Christmas concert is coming to a city near you. The concert page lists that they'll be hitting Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Springfield MO, Oklahoma City OK, a few places in Texas, Knoxville TN and Clearwater FL. It's a great show and listening to this recording got me so excited for the season to come!


where the hart is said...

Wow, I just put two and two together that Sara Groves is your sister in law. Donald Miller tweeted about this yesterday, that's when I made the connection, then I searched my itunes library and sure enough, I have a few of her songs! :) I'll have to give this one a listen, too!

Kristin said...

I heard this on the radio yesterday-very powerful!