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our most important role

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I think the thing that has surprised me the most in motherhood is how much deeper in love I have fallen for Rory. I knew I’d love our little baby, and I do. But I cannot get enough of Rory lately. Watching him snuggle and love Ivar, watching him keep his cool while Ivar protests another outfit change, having him insist I take a nap or get in the tub when a good moment presents itself, having him walk half-alive into the nursery during the early morning feeding and sit on the foot rest while laying his head on the boppy pillow on my lap…these are precious moments to me. I absolutely cannot fathom doing all of this without a faithful husband.

When we were in the hospital Rory was holding a swaddled Ivar and got out his Bible. He read to Ivar from Jeremiah 31:31-34, telling of the new Covenant that would come in Jesus. Rory told Ivar that the very most important hope we have for him is that he know is savior and love and obey Him. We cried together as Rory read the nativity story to Ivar, realizing more fully than ever before the love that God has for us in Christ Jesus. Rory read the chapter and there was a holiness as we began to live out our greatest responsibility as Ivar’s parents.


Sharing Life said...

wow, i got all choked up reading that--beautiful, simply beautiful. Rory is obeying the roles called to him as a faithful dad and husband and you two are filling little Ivar up with the TRUE LOVE of God already. Beautiful

Anonymous said...

It sounds like these first few weeks together at home are just what they should be! Hooray for a healthy baby boy. Hooray for parents who love each other dearly. And hooray for the wild gratitude in your stories about tiny Ivar.

Enjoy this break from blogging and time with your men!