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good morning everybody

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Ivar slept until 10 am this morning, which means Rory and I did too. It was glorious. I told Rory it felt like a Thanksgiving miracle. It means that I got eight hours of sleep last night! Not uninterrupted, but I feel incredible today and Ivar woke up in a happy mood too. This is going to be a good day. (except that my text is centered and it refuses to left align. but whatever.)

I am starting to get the hang of my new normal. In the middle of the night I figured out that each day I am spending 6 to 8 hours nursing (each feeding takes a while trying to rouse little man back awake so he can get a full feeding. Plus, if you add a diaper change that almost always turns into two or three diaper changes because Ivar has a thing for waiting to fill his diaper until he has a clean diaper on...well, it just takes us some time to accomplish all of this, and each feeding/changing can be anywhere from 45-60 minutes. And it turns out you can't rush a feeding or a changing...)

When I figured out the hours going into nursing, and then added the hours spent rocking and snuggling and bounce walking in circles around the house, it really does make sense where all of my time goes each day.

All that to say, I am letting myself off of the blog hook for while. My hope is to post a picture each day, but maybe no more than that. Because that feels sane and wonderful. Plus, I just downloaded Picasa 3, and with one click of a button I can pick the picture I want to post on my blog for the day. Super simple and fast and wonderful and at this point (after 16 hours as a Picasa user) I'd highly recommend the free program...

Ivar is sleeping again and I just sorted through all of the mail. It is incredible how good it feels to accomplish little projects like this!


sembatgirl said...

so. in. love. what a cutie. and i totally support your blog-hiatus... however, i'll eat up your daily pictures! :)

Jamie Willow said...

at this point everyone just wants to see that sweet baby boy anyways! so no pressure to write or be witty or interesting.

I so remember the first couple months of bfeeding and how much time it takes...I spent a lot of time reading blogs and reading on message boards about mom stuff and perusing kellymom about bfeeding info and all of that...I learned a ton just from reading, even though I didn't post much. hard to type with one hand :) it is so worth it though.

I have often thought that pregnancy was a miracle but bfeeding just felt like a bigger one to sustain someones life with my own body and what it produces just felt so amazing. (and still does considering we are still going strong and Judah's 19 months) it's a cool feeling. albeit time consuming :)

it sounds like you are doing everything just right! I am happy for you guys. and SO glad you got some sleep! that is the best feeling. for real.