the great minnesota get together 2010


So you know I am PASSIONATE about the Minnesota State Fair. I love everything about it. I have the layout down well enough to get from place to place without consulting a map. I know where my favorite food booths are and come with a plan...a hope...a dream.

Well, yesterday we got to go live out my dream with Rory's folks. We parked at the new Gopher stadium (wowza. might have to take in a game there this fall...) and took a shuttle bus and it was splendid. Except for the woman who listened in on our conversation and joined in, uninvited. Usually I wouldn't be bothered by this sort of Minnesota nice, but just listen to how this conversation went down.

Rory: This is awesome...not having to pay $11 for parking and not having to deal with the fair traffic. This shuttle will be a part of our fair days forever.

Becca: And next year we'll be on our game and get our tickets at Cub for $2 off.

Uninvited lady: And did you know you can get a coupon book at Cub for $4. We more than made up for it last year. This is our second year at the fair. You can get them in the front entrance if you still want one, but it's $5 here.

Becca: Oh, we'll have to look into that. Thanks for letting us know.

Uninvited lady: You two are becoming fair goers!

Becca: (forced laugh)

We were all piling off of the bus when this comment was made and I think this was a good thing because my face was turned away from the lady and I think my eyes bugged out of my head for a minute. ...Becoming fair goers?!! Becoming?!! I own this fair!!! I never miss a year! For the love, I am a member of the Minnesota Gladiolas Society and arrange flowers for competition at this fair!

I mumbled to Rory (who was most amused at the obvious sting), "she might as well have just slapped me across the face."

We laughed about this all day long with many a repeat, "well, look who is becoming a real fair goer..."



My fair food 2010: Tejas breakfast burrito, granny smith apples with carmel on top, a heavenly nectarine, porkchop on a stick, real rootbeer, sweet martha's cookies and milk. Perfection.

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Marlene said...

I read in the paper that Saturday, when we were at the Mn. State Fair the record for any single day was broken with 234,384 attendees. Well, that explains it!!!
It was soooo much fun being with you kids!!