happy labor day

Thankfully, I'm not in labor. But we are celebrating 32 weeks of being pregnant today. I thought this meant I was eight months along, because 32 divided by 4 is 8, but I still have 8 weeks before my due date, and so does that mean I am just 7 months along? This whole month and week thing has me so screwed up.


Regardless of how far along I am, here I am in all my baby-belly glory. That picture I posted yesterday from the fair was miraculous...you could hardly see my tummy. But believe me, it is there. And I am very aware of its presence. I am feeling most pregnant at night, aware of my large belly, aware of my achy hips and very aware of my tinsy tiny bladder.

I am very aware that I am just not super pleasant to be around sometimes. Rory and I were given an acronym when we first got married to use just as you're spouse is about to loose their cool on you. You think in your head, HALT. Is the other person Hungry, Angry, Lonesome or Tired? Honestly, for as cheesy the acronym, it is really, really helpful. Rory has been known to kindly blow off whatever accusation I was throwing at him and say, "hey, let's just get you into bed. You have been working so hard lately." (you'd think I'd blow up at this point, but it is completely effective...) At any rate, I told Rory that he is welcome to add Hormonal to go along with Hungry, and then things should make more sense for him.

My folks are coming over today to cut back every single growing thing planted in our yard. We've got a jungle to work through. Rory's folks were here on Friday and washed all of the windows and helped get boxes unpacked. We are so grateful for everyone's help! We've had visitors every day since we returned and it is the greatest.

Happy Labor Day, everyone. Enjoy your day off!


sembatgirl said...

You look GREAT, mama! And it's the Girard house (<>)! Love the label, too. :)

westmetromommy said...

The pregnancy dating can be tricky. You are 8 months along...the confusing part is that you are pregnant for *about* 10 months, not 9. The idea of 9 months comes from the fact that the fetal age is actually about 2 weeks less than your pregnancy (so, at 32 weeks, your fetal age is 30 weeks) and you are full term at 38 weeks, which would be 36 weeks if you were counting fetal age--and that would be 9 months. Yes, it's confusing! But the good news is that you are getting there! I'm only a week and a half ahead of you and I can't wait to meet this little guy!

Jamie Willow said...

I gave you a little award over on my blog :) come see!

Unknown said...

I know you feel like a house right now, but keep taking pictures. One of my most treasured pictures is me pregnant with Michael, two weeks past my due date. I had gained over 80 lbs and look more like a sumo wrestler than I care to admit, but I love it so much now. Just trying to imagine my life without knowing who he is would be is almost impossible. Cherish Cherish Cherish every ache and pain and kick and nightly potty break because I didn't and I wish I could do it all over again. (Well, not really now, but just to go back an live the wonder again.)