just a quick hello

This is the view from the windows of our sweet little cabin. Lovely.

We are on vacation in every sense of the word and enjoying so much the calm and quiet of this place. I'm working through my stack of books and magazines, napping every day, working up some serious swimsuit tan lines, enjoying long, thoughtful conversations with new and old friends and more than anything loving how Rory and I are both on vacation together...neither one of us is preoccupied. We are fully present here together and it's the greatest.

I've been thinking though all sorts of deep things too. Vacation is so good for this. To actually have the time to reflect and process life is such a gift. Like today I was pondering lotion boogers, and if there is any way around them. Does everyone's pump lotion clog up like mine does? And do other people have to change shirts some mornings because the lotion booger plugged up the pump, causing projectile lotion to spray everything within a three feet radius, except into your ready, cupped hand?

See, I think you need vacation to really process the important stuff. And that's what I'm doing.


where the hart is said...

Lotion boogers are one of life's greater mysteries, are they not?
Let me know if you come out of vacation with any book recommendations.
Glad to hear you are having a great time, miss you! :)

Marlene said...

Enjoy your time for contemplation because you soon won't have opportunity for a LONG time!!

Nancy Holte said...

When you figure out what causes lotion boogers, please let me know. Together, we can find a cure! Glad you had time to enjoy your vacation.