baby quilt

*My camp staff surprised me on Sunday morning with this baby quilt. They all pitched their money together and won this beauty for me. When Rory saw it he said, "I never saw that one! If we had seen that one, I would have chosen that one to bid on." So good pick, camp staff. It is the softest fabric in the world and has got us very excited.

*I've gotten some emails lately asking if they missed the post telling what gender our baby is. But you haven't missed the announcement. We're going to be surprised. And we're still really excited this is our choice. Some people are not excited about this choice of ours and it's amusing. The people who are bugged aren't particularly close to us...just people who groan when we tell them we're waiting to find out. Like the inconvenience is on them. Ha! I promise we are not waiting to find out the gender just to annoy people :)

*We made our first trip to Babies R Us last week and were overwhelmed and a bit dazed and confused. Rory consoled himself in a glider rocker most of the time, soothing himself back and forth. I took in some oh-so-normal conversations between husbands and wives where husbands would say things like, "I just don't see why we would spend an extra $150 because you like the headboard on that crib better than this one here that is so much cheaper"

*We have our first Minnesota doctor appointment tomorrow morning. I am eager-beaver to meet our new doctor.

*I had a dream last night that I had my baby and was telling it very matter-of-factly that it wasn't time to come out yet, that we still had 3 months to wait. And the baby (who looked much like a miniature old man) said it just wanted to see who I was. And I told him how excited I was to be his mama and held him for a long, long time and then told him he needed to go back in because the womb was the best place for him to grow strong right now. And then I put him back in the same way he came out.


Jamie Willow said...

I heart BRU...I spend way to much time and money there :)

make sure you are on the rewards get good coupons in the mail and occasionally earn actual money you can spend there. can get most things on craigslist for about 50cents on the dollar...practically new. pretty much all our baby equipment came from craigslist.
I did buy new my carseat stroller system (snap n go baby!) and a few other things but you can save a lot using consignments and yard sales and things.

you will find out quickly that babies grow out of everything so fast that it barely gets used.

oh, and I would never be able to wait to find out what the gender of my baby is...but I know lots and lots of folks who do wait and they all swear by it :) so good for you!!!!!!

Marlene said...

That baby quilt is beautiful - and I was feeling kind of badly that you hadn't gotten a quilt this year because I know you love them so much - what a perfect way to end Camp for you!!
And, I love buying for babies, boy or girl!!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Beautiful quilt!

And I too (like Jamie) love BRU - NOW - but my first trip ended in tears. I was registering for my shower stuff and remember feeling so overwhelmed and was quite sure my child wouldn't survive his first week. :)

I can picture Rory self-soothing in the gliders. Hilarious. And - why didn't I think of that?!?

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

p.s. Good for you for waiting to find out Baby Groves' gender! I'd been wondering about that. I know I was not that strong, but I think it's cool when people can wait to be surprised.

where the hart is said... weird. I had the same dream when my sister was pregnant with Paisley! She just wanted to come out and say hello and she went right back in!