sweet nothings

Had the privilege of drinking this delicious treat at 8:30 yesterday morning. It's like Fanta with five times the sugar and it is gross. At 9:30 the nurse drew my blood to test for gestational diabetes. Thankfully the test came back normal and I'm in the clear.

However, the doctor did note my weight gain. At my last appointment she told me I was a bit behind in gaining weight but now, five weeks later, she told me I had moved to the head of the class and need to start watching this number.

Funny thing is that I really believe my eating has not changed from appointment to appointment. It's just that huge things have happened in the last five weeks, and I have a large, kicking belly to prove it. Even still, I'm a girl, and her comments about weight went straight to the heart. When she left, she closed the door behind her and I bemoaned to Rory that I am gaining too much weight.

Rory looked me square in the eye and spoke without pause: "I'm not worried one bit. To say that you are gaining weight because of your eating is like blaming global warming on human activity." And then he went on to explain how the sun is heating up every planet in our solar system and that pregnancy is causing my weight gain the same way the sun is causing any rise in temperature.

I tell you what. I love Rory with my whole entire heart. I love his logic and his matter-of-fact sensibilities. I've been laughing at this comparison all day long.


The Rings. said...

Is there ice in that glass? I love it! I remember drinking a clear liquid, with no ice, in a styrofoam cup. Next time I will ask for some ice in a glass, please :-)

westmetromommy said...

Glad to hear the glucola test went well. I have mine on Friday morning and, well, not looking forward to it. With my first pregnancy, I just barely failed the 1 hour test and had to take the 3 hour test, which was *torture*. Luckily, though, that test came back clear

Becca Groves said...

Rachel...they sent me home last visit with this goodness to keep in my fridge, so the glass and ice were all mine as I downed this stuff in my own kitchen. The ice helped a lot, though!

Melinda...I honestly think I would have cried if I had to take the 3 hour test. I was so sick from this stuff, and cannot fathom taking it three times in three hours!

Jamie Willow said...

I gained 55 lbs. and I lost 55 lbs (it took like 10 mo...same time it took to put it on).

I know little teeny tiny women who gained 75lbs every pregnancy and lost it all...

I also know overweight women who lost weight their whole pregnancy and then gained when they had the baby.

it is all to say..your body will do what it will do...and as long as you aren't sitting around eating bags of junk food you are doing just fine.

and you WILL lose your baby weight becuase you are a naturally thin person who lives an active life (not to mention you will now be carrying around and eventually chasing around another human being constantly).

I know what it can do to your mind and spirit while you are gaining and I think it is good because if you care about it you won't go overboard in any direction.

and one other thing...the bigger that belly gets...the bigger your thighs need to be to hold your body up. lol. for real. It all makes sense in the end. lol.


glad you passed the glucose test!

Becca Groves said...

Jamie, you are wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for this. It's all fantastic perspective and has calmed my anxious heart.


Stephanie said...

Oh, Rory. Rory, Rory, Rory.

Most women have a weight gain spurt in the early 20ish weeks when their blood volume goes up to keep up with the baby. That's why they test for anemia then, but for some reason they don't also note that women will probably have a weight gain spurt.

Also I gained a billion pounds, and it only ever went away when I stopped nursing. Bodies are weird.