march and june: check.

My whole goal in this new monthly scrapbooking style is to actually do it. That's the goal. I have already tried to talk myself out of this approach, reasoning that the printing quality isn't 100%, that this format doesn't tell the entire story, that not all of my favorite pictures make the cut. But then I try to figure out what the alternative would be and it's easy: these pictures would NEVER see the light of day. I am convinced of this.

But I think they're important pictures to Rory's office here in Omaha. To get these pictures printed and put in an album will be so meaningful years down the road, no matter how his company has grown.
So last night I sat down and plowed through March. Rory was so excited to see these pictures that I decided to speed through June as well. I am averaging 6-7 layouts for each month (not all pages are shown here...) and the truth is, for $1.19 per page, I am getting more completed picture printing and scrapbooking done than if I ever tried to scrapbook these pictures by hand. (Though I still LOVE paper scrapbooking and would NEVER knock this style. It's just not happening for me lately...)And here is June:

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annika said...

Wow! This is such a great way to keep memories! I would love a copy of the page titled June and the one titled home in MN. The girls loved seeing their pics with Aunt Becky!
Love you!