laptop vacation #3

Are you ready for another tour of my favorite sites/blogs/internet places? Remember to right click on the link and to "open in a new tab" so that you don't have to reopen this page every single time. (Mostly that tip is for my mom. Does that make sense mom?)

First, 1,000 Awesome Things. This is a really cool blog and I am guessing a pretty cool book. I like the premise and am excited to take a look at the paper version the next time I'm at Barnes and Noble. Until then, the blog is entertaining and so fun and positive.

On Friday I posted a great video by Andrew Peterson. He is a really talented songwriter, who I was first introduced to through Sara and Troy when they toured with his Christmas tour a few years back. He hosts a collaborative blog of sorts, called The Rabbit Room, written by artists, song writers, pastors and authors. Whenever I revisit The Rabbit Room I end up staying for a long, long time. The store at this site has all sorts of book and music recommendations that are either 1) by the artists who write the blog 2) recommended by the blog authors or 3) Christian classics that have stood the test of time. When I looked through their book section today I realized this should be my "next reads" list. Annie Dillard, Walt Wengerin, C.S. Lewis, Frederick Buechner, Madeleine L'Engle and Flannery O'Conner all frequent the list and it makes me excited to get reading.
I've also been drooling over Heather Bailey's website, especially her sewing patterns. It makes me want to learn how to sew so badly. I would love to make that fabric ring baby toy pictured right in the middle of the page when you click over to her site...

And finally, I saved this one for last, because you may never, ever leave this site once you find it. I remember when my brother sent this on to me when they were picking names for their kiddos. It is a super entertaining way to look up your kid's names, how popular that name is, when it was most popular, what it means, as well as possible sibling names that would go with your pick. Just take a minute to play...I think you'll be hooked too. It's called babynamewizard, but I am going to link you directly to the Name Voyager. Get ready to play.


annika said...

Oh, I like those sewing patterns too! Maybe we'll have a girls weekend in 2011 devoted to sewing lessons with Mom!

margaret harrington said...

I'm in!!!