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laptop vacation #3

Are you ready for another tour of my favorite sites/blogs/internet places? Remember to right click on the link and to "open in a new tab" so that you don't have to reopen this page every single time. (Mostly that tip is for my mom. Does that make sense mom?)

First, 1,000 Awesome Things. This is a really cool blog and I am guessing a pretty cool book. I like the premise and am excited to take a look at the paper version the next time I'm at Barnes and Noble. Until then, the blog is entertaining and so fun and positive.

On Friday I posted a great video by Andrew Peterson. He is a really talented songwriter, who I was first introduced to through Sara and Troy when they toured with his Christmas tour a few years back. He hosts a collaborative blog of sorts, called The Rabbit Room, written by artists, song writers, pastors and authors. Whenever I revisit The Rabbit Room I end up staying for a long, long time. The store at this site has all sorts of book and music recommendations that are either 1) by the artists who write the blog 2) recommended by the blog authors or 3) Christian classics that have stood the test of time. When I looked through their book section today I realized this should be my "next reads" list. Annie Dillard, Walt Wengerin, C.S. Lewis, Frederick Buechner, Madeleine L'Engle and Flannery O'Conner all frequent the list and it makes me excited to get reading.
I've also been drooling over Heather Bailey's website, especially her sewing patterns. It makes me want to learn how to sew so badly. I would love to make that fabric ring baby toy pictured right in the middle of the page when you click over to her site...

And finally, I saved this one for last, because you may never, ever leave this site once you find it. I remember when my brother sent this on to me when they were picking names for their kiddos. It is a super entertaining way to look up your kid's names, how popular that name is, when it was most popular, what it means, as well as possible sibling names that would go with your pick. Just take a minute to play...I think you'll be hooked too. It's called babynamewizard, but I am going to link you directly to the Name Voyager. Get ready to play.

things that make me happy lately...

I listen to Pandora while at work. And just this week I created a new station for Patty Griffin. It's the best station I've created. Nora Jones and Allison Krauss and Dar Williams (hadn't listened to her since college!) and other kick back female songwriters are singing me through my days and it's made the 9 hours at my desk quite lovely.

I have a new blog I visit for eye candy. Emphasis on the candy, because this is a blog that simply posts pictures of lovely parties. Each is over-the-top in its own way, but so fun to gawk at. Just take a moment to scroll down real fast until you find pictures that fit your style. You'll be left inspired. Promise. (my favorite is this one)

The past two middle-of-the-nights we've had loud, booming thunderstorms with rain and wind blowing against our window. I love being in cozy-snug in bed when this happens and Rory loves watching the storm on his software.

I read this story (called A Birthday Story...scroll to this post) the other day and was moved and inspired. I like being moved and inspired.

At lunch on Wednesday, this program was being discussed and I had to look it up. I'm not a coupon clipper, but this is compelling stuff!

laptop vacation

Do you need to get away? Do you need winter to stop blowing for a while? Then let's go on a little laptop vacation!

First, I need you to right click on this link and click on "open in new tab." I have been listening to this play list (of 140 songs!) to death lately. It's like a friend gave me the best mix CD ever. This music will serve as the background music for your laptop vacation. (if you don't like a song, be sure to skip around. You're sure to find a few favorites in the 140 songs...)

The site with this play list is called Dear Lizzy. I really love this blog, and on a good day I am inspired by this woman, and on a bad day I feel very inadequate. If you start feeling like these pictures and ideas are making you feel less-than, please quickly click back to this page for more Laptop Vacation instructions! We don't want to feel inadequate on our vacation! But if you are inspired, enjoy all of Dear Lizzy and her glorious photography, scrapbook layouts and creative ideas...

Now that you have your music playing, right click on this link and "open in new tab." And now just soak up some Anthropologie goodness. I am linking you to the kitchen page, because I find that colorful aprons and dishtowels calm my anxious heart. (This apron below stopped me in my tracks!)

I had the good fortune of introducing a friend to the Anthropologie site recently, and it felt like such an honor... like introducing two friends that I know will get along smashingly. When you're on that site, be sure to stop by the lovely Dresses page and then check out how wierdo the sandals are! A girl like me may never be able to afford any of this stuff, but she can still drool, right? (Not the sandals though. More like, choke on my spit, those things are in style?!!)

Again, right click on this link and Open in New Tab (are you getting this?'s such a helpful computer trick for keeping multiple sites open at the same time...) Ali Edwards has done it again, naming the simple, everyday moments, helping us all stay present in the moment.

After you read her list, open up a word document and take seven minutes to write out your own personal Around Here reflections. Make sure you use a font you love, print them out and stick them to your fridge. Since we're on a laptop vacation, I'd try to keep your observations positive and hopeful. But every vacation has a crabby day too...and I think it is probably more honest to add in a crabby reflection or two for good measure :)

I hope you have enjoyed this Laptop Vacation. The pilot has turned on the fasten seat belt sign as we begin our descent back to your hometown. Thank you for traveling with us.