It's Quilt Auction Time!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, gather round.
It is almost time for my favorite day at Carol Joy Holling Camp. If you live ANYWHERE close by, you really should put this date on your calendar and join us.

On July 31st, we will auction off well over 300 quilts that the fine people of Nebraska have made. The proceeds go to the camp. The day has this whole old fashioned feel about it...people use their bidding paddles to fan themselves, there's all sorts of hootin' and hollerin' when the bidding gets competitive and the auctioneers are just plain entertaining. You're met at your parking spot by a golf cart for a ride to the auction site, and all day long people are coming and going.
You might remember my elation after this day last year. You can read about it here.

Now here's the deal. I'd recommend coming for lunch, because lunch is always a good thing. And I would recommend clicking this link for a lovely look at all of the quilts to be auctioned off. If you click on the name of the quilt, a larger image will appear. It's nifty. There are still quilts pouring in each day, so they're not all up on the site, but many are. If you find a quilt you love, then you should try to be here when that quilt is being auctioned off. Quilt #1 will be auctioned at 9:00 and Quilt #399 will be auctioned closer to 5:00.

My personal pick: Well, you'll just have to come and see. Because I L,O,V,E love it. But I do have a limit that I may not bid over, set lovingly by my budget-smart hubby, so we'll just have to hope no one else finds it as stunning as I do...
I hope to see you there!!!

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