My laptop has been making a grinding sound for a few months now...and we're not sure why. It's just every couple of days, often in the middle of the night and sounds like something very, very terrible is happening inside of my beloved computer.

So I asked Rory about backup solutions. A few months ago we backed everything up on an external hard drive, but Rory did it all, and it required some back-end stuff that I didn't really understand. He has lots of his own stuff on there too, so for me to go back and find any of my own files on it later seems daunting. Then I asked him about, an online storage system, but he is leery of sharing all of our information with a third party.

Here's my deal: I'm a smart girl, pretty quick to pick up on things and all in all, up-to-date in the world of technology. So the fact that I find backing up my own computer so very overwhelming REALLY bothers me. It's a process I want to be able to do on my own...not dependent on Rory, or anyone else for that matter.

Rory came home the next day with an orange box from Best Buy, and I liked it from the start. The box was clean and uncomplicated. I took out the directions and squealed with glee. There were only five steps, and one of them was making sure your computer was turned on. No lie. That was step number one. Step two was to plug Click free into your computer. Step three was to wait 60 seconds. Step four was to watch all of your files copy to your Clickfree. Step five was to wait for the "Download complete" screen and then to disconnect your Clickfree.It felt like magic. I felt empowered. Rory loved my excitement for a backup drive.
My Clickfree is the C2 Portable Backup Drive and was $80 at Best Buy, available online here as well, and if I were a girl who gave $80 gifts, I'd start giving Clickfree to all of my friends and family for Christmas and Birthdays.

I wish I were being paid for this endorsement, but I'm not. But actually, the payment is in my pure relief that I have everything backed up. I just think when solution is THIS SIMPLE for something like backing up ALL of my pictures, personal writing and digital scrapbooking, then it is my human duty to shout it from the rooftops.


Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

You know, you could start being a girl who gives $80 gifts : ) -- I could actually use a Clickfree and I want to after reading your post. The awkward thing is that my husband owns an offsite backup company!!!

Becca Groves said...

Shannon this is so funny. We actually talked about John's company, because Rory said was the only offsite company he would trust. I checked it out, but it looked like it required that I know something more about computers than I really do....tell John I was looking for more of the desperate housewives version...