Elbert Hubbard

Of course this isn't fully true. If you haven't been anywhere warm this winter, I'd imagine you'd like to shake my shoulders, and explain to me in colorful words why you need a vacation more than me.

But all I am saying is that it is hard to come off of a vacation. Especially a vacation that included palm trees, reading by the pool, a picnic in the desert, valentine making with aunts, shopping at an all-time favorite store, biking from here to there, a quilt and craft show, eating dozens of cookies, and all the while enjoying my folks, grandma, aunts and uncles. It just was that good.

Annika got bronchitis last week and was told by her doctor if she got a fever it would likely lead to pneumonia. So she wasn't able to come. Which was horribly disappointing. Horribly. Disappointing. But, she's working on switching her ticket now, so hopefully she can go and live the bliss I am currently trying to come down from.

I've got pictures and a few sweet stories to share. Perhaps tomorrow...

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