cold tangerines

My friend Shannon got me this book for Christmas. It's a easy and thoughtful read filled with stories and life lessons. I love it. I'm just a few chapters in and decided to save it for Mesa. It seems to be the perfect 'get away' read.

This link brings you to the book's website, where you can click on a link to read a quick chapter to get a feel for her style.

***edited: I wrote all of these posts on Tuesday night, but now it's Saturday morning and I have finished this it on the airplane and devoured it. If you're looking for a good book, order this one and start passing it around your circle of friends.

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Team Hasselhoff said...

I have been given this book by two people, so it must have something for me... now you are posting it here. I will have to move it from the middle to the top of my bedside stack!
(this is sara even though I always come up as team hasselhoff because of idol schmidol)