oh baby.

Our next door neighbors have this fantastic one-year-old who we adore. She is one sweet, laid back, easy-going girl, and we love getting to babysit. So tonight her folks had a christmas party and we've got her for the evening.

Last time she was here, she was just crawling, and basically stayed wherever you set her down. But oh my word, things have changed in two months. This girl is mobile, and fast, and curious. And we are utterly exhausted. Thankfully she fell asleep in Rory's arms and now she's sleeping on the couch. But man was tonight a reality check!


Marlene said...

Don't babysit for any more children! You'll never have kids!!

Beth said...

Haha - I'm chuckling at Grandma Marlene's comment. :-) Don't worry - you ease into the one-year-old's exhaustion-causing actions. Sort of like the frog in the slowly-boiling pot of water... :)