crafty christmas

These sweet snowmen are at my sistah Lisa's house. Made out of old socks and beans, each snowman represents one person in their family. So stinkin' cute.

A coworker of mine brought these in today. Her kids made them and she was boxing them up to send them to relatives out of state. They crack me up. And are pretty cute too. They're made out of pop bottles, styrofoam balls, googlie eyes, old socks for hats and fun foam.


Marlene said...

We have 2 of these little sock people from Lisa at our house, too - Mimi and Papa. This year one of Papa's eyes fell off when I set him out and I left it on the counter by him! We're falling apart!!

Alisha said...

would LOVe to make these with my Cub Scouts...plastic or glass pop bottles? and what kind of paint for the bodies did they use? they are just too cute!

Becca Groves said...

Alisha, they were made out of plastic pop bottles and I believe the paint was actually on the inside (like they rolled in around in there.) I'm not sure what kind of paint works on plastic, but my guess is that someone at Michaels would know that answer :)

So glad you're here! I wish I could order our Christmas wreaths from your boy scout troop! :)