Off to Montana!!!

So, this is pretty sneaky, but the last few days were posts that I wrote on Wednesday night and post-dated. I feel so blog savvy! And this post is also being written on Wednesday night. I stocked up on blog posts because I am actually in Texas right now at a Lutheran Outdoor Ministry conference. The weather has been lovely (forecasted 73 degrees) and I'm sure I've made some good friends by now.

But today I am flying from Houston to Denver to Kalispell, Montana where I will be greeted by my sister for some quality sister time. I miss this woman so much and hate the fact that we live so far away from each other. So here's to some good laughs in the days ahead. Here's a laugh to get us started. Annika really knew how to work a perm...and a matching sweat suit...and a 10 speed.


annika said...

Jedd stared and smiled and said, "oh, honey, i'm sorry". (:

Marlene said...

Have fun, girls!!