back from vacation...

Today I left these lovely ladies in Montana, and flew home to the love of my life. It's a good thing I love Rory so much, because leaving these girls was really hard. Mara pointed out many times during my four days there, "I am growing bigger legs are way longer" or "because I can see out my window better in my carseat!"

I soaked up the Flathead Valley, soaked in every moment of sister time, and laughed hard with her strong, opinionated, hysterical girls. Jedd was in Minnesota for most of the time, so it really just was a good ol' girls get together. We built forts, played with glitter glue, played lots of candy land and did a 64 piece strawberry shortcake puzzle close to 64 times, watched little orphan Annie, went out for hot chocolate, played at the park, celebrated Annika's birthday a bit early with a tea party and hung out on a beautiful dock on Flathead Lake.

The good news? Only 49 days until I see these guys again at Christmas!!!


annika said...

Oh, Bec, I miss you so! It was a fabulous week together.

I love the layouts of the pics you did for the girls. So neat!

I love you.

Madison Emily said...

What an awesome recap of you stay with the girls! Love the layouts too! Did I notice the freebie gift from Jessica on one of the pictures???:)
Love you

Lisa Groves said...

this is a test

Becca Groves said...

Lisa! I am thrilled you figured out how to leave a comment under your name and not Maddies! I am also so proud that you are keeping up to speed on Jessica Sprague and noticed my free picture frame!

Annika, I miss you too. Feeling blue without you.