Scanned + Scrapped = Success

I am completing one layout a day in this Jessica Sprague class. I would post more, but this first week the pages were "all about me" and it just feels very vain. But these last two pages were less about me and more about what makes me me. I borrowed the scanner from work and all my mom's photo albums a few weeks ago so I could start scrapbooking with pictures from my childhood. What a joy! I love mixing old pictures in with the current ones. So fun.

These scrapbook pages are set up as templates, so I simply drop the paper and pictures in and play around in photoshop until I'm satisfied. It means that some of the layouts I adore and others I can handle, but don't love. (ie: I adore the "influences" layout, and can handle this layout below. What it really means is that scrapbooking has never been so easy. Ever. I will print these out either as 12x12's or 8x8's (I am thinking 8x8) and throw them in an album and tada! An album made with one layout a day!


Casey Fuerst said...

Beautiful pages Becca! I can't wait to see the completed project!

Beth said...

I think I need more "margin" in my life - would love to learn how to do this too but in this present "season," I'm too darn busy.

Looks amazing. Great job! And way to go for just "carpe diem'ing" the task!