Staff Training

I work at a Bible camp as an assistant program director. Last week we had 70 summer staff arrive and for the last 11 days we have been in intensive staff training. I love this watch these young people speak with so much enthusiasm about their faith is really, really fulfilling. It just feels good to hear the good news proclaimed through passionate believers.

We're growing like a family, with some rough spots and spats along the way, but I think that just keeps it real. We are humans doing this good work, after all.

My favorite line of the whole week was yesterday when I had just announced that we were going to spend the next two hours napping because everyone looked so overly tired and passy-outy as they laid down on the floor during every 15 minute break we gave. So I insisted that everyone go and get in their sleeping bags and sleep until dinner.

My two sweet staff from Korea came up to me and quietly asked with confusion on their faces, "excuse me, Becca. But what did you say...passy-outy mean?"

I had to explain Beccaisms and how I often change phrases into adjectives and really just not to listen to my english as they continue to learn their own english.

I'm off now for the rest of the night and I am feeling pretty passy-outy myself. Good night!

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