Love to Serve

Yesterday concluded our 10 day intensive staff training. We have a phenomenal staff this summer...65 men and women who are ready to love and serve our campers all summer long.

Check out the pictures:,com_expose/Itemid,455/
Click on Summer Ministry Team and then Staff Training for just a taste of our time together.

I am proud of our staff and am so excited to see how God uses them all summer long.


Renee said...

Maybe it's because I was up at the crack of dawn and I'm tired or because it's just that I needed a little camp moment or little bit of both...I have tears streaming down my cheeks after looking at the staff training pictures. What special times.

I have been thinking about you over the last week, especially on Memorial Day (remembering how we didn't get a break that weekend). Many prayers for you. I will say prayers for you and Rory. I know that the amount of time camp takes will be a challenge you both will face together.

I'm preaching on John the Baptist today (off the lectionary and going through the book of John). He pointed to Christ. Have fun "pointing to Christ" this summer--pointing Him out to staff, to campers, to families. Take time to also see others pointing Christ out to you.

I'll try to get a least one piece of mail out to you :)

annika said...

loved the pics! thanks for posting. i also enjoyed reading the words of encouragement from your friend Renee. cool.
i love you, sis!