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the best of 2012

I just spent some very enjoyable time looking through pictures from the last year. Oh my what a year! At the start of twenty twelve we lived in Minneapolis, I was two months pregnant, we still had our cat and Ivar wasn't walking yet. I cannot believe how much happened this year. No wonder I am still finding my footing...

So here, inspired by one of my favorite blogs, I give you the best of 2012 in pictures.

Happy New Year everybody! I'm really excited for the year ahead.

(And here is the best of 2011.)

the best of 2011

One of my favorite bloggers puts together a post of her personal bests for each year. I thought I'd give it a go myself and had such a cool time going through my favorite pictures, reflecting on the past year and all the good things we packed it with. I give you, my best of 2011: