worst july ever.

That's a joke. Very early in July Ivar informed us, very dramatically, that this was the worst July ever. He had his reasons. His first few days of July had been filled with 7-year-old disappointments to be sure, but it was a little much to call it the worst ever. But Rory and I took this phrase and used it often, as a joke, every time anything went sort of wrong the rest of the month. And it often served as a reminder that the month was actually quite awesome. But still. Worst. July. Ever.

I have so many pictures I never posted from this month, so here are a few (I still have Elsie's birthday and a trip to Lake City to post as well...) from The Worst July Ever.
We enjoyed our last Campfire and Communion with church friends and neighbors.
I milked our goat each morning which I found to be a great way to start the day!
Many hours have been logged in the rock box. Alden is delighted when the dump trucks are dumped.
I know I am their teacher, but sometimes the spelling is just so sweet...
Rory's cousins came from CA and MN. I told them, "You all have the same great grandma!"
Which is a really great thought. I hope my great grandkids gather together one day.
We spent so much time picking blueberries and raspberries. And making jam!
Mimi and Papa are always favorite visitors.
And more CA relatives! Special visits like this make us wish we all lived so much closer. 
We spent one evening at the local pool. And honestly, it was totally stressful.
Well, not for the kids. But for the parents watching the four kids...
The tent got set up a few times outside and a few times inside. Nothing is more exciting than a tent.
The Hoovers came to visit and Cora took to our Mary and Laura fort very quickly.
These two were delighted when I pulled these dresses out of the attic. (Hattie is on a step stool)
"Happy to be here" as always.
These two came out to watch me milk the goat.
Rory was sick in bed, so they got to come and eat popcorn while I filled the bucket.
Breakfast and a show I called it.
Hattie Helper. She can do it. By herself. All by herself. And totally two.

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