church parking lot snow piles

Our church was cancelled on Sunday because of the blizzard, but Monday we went to a special prayer time and my kids saw the huge snow piles the plow had left. They begged that we come back and play on them sometime, and on Wednesday I made it happen. Here was the blizzard on Saturday and Sunday. It was the real deal:
So since it is April and we have the snow, we decided to go and play in the snow. And it was so fun for them. They played hard for an hour and I drove in circles around the parking lot, trying to sooth Alden who was not into this activity as much as his older siblings. Hattie happily sat in the passenger seat as we drove round and round and round the small lot.
So we got one last hurrah out of winter snow. Seize the day, I say.

Elsie came downstairs this morning in a tank top and shorts and said cheerfully, "I'm just going to start wearing summer clothes now." I loved her attitude. She didn't have an ounce of annoyance or complaint in her. Just an announcement that she is moving on. Good call, Elsie, let's all move on now...

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Nancy Holte said...

I was just reading about Noah last night and his 150 days of rain! Oi Vey! ALL of us in MN would have gone crazy! I love Elsie's attitude of moving on!