Miracle is fully one of us. He now can jump this little play pen with ease and follows us wherever we go. If I go to the fridge, he clip clops behind me. If I go to the bathroom, he'll keep me company. Same goes for Rory and Ivar. But he knows the ones who feed him, and is most attached to Rory and me.

We took this little video to show how connected he is to us. He does not want to be any distance away from where we are.
good shepherd from Becca Groves on Vimeo.
And Rory is happy to oblige. Miracle is not lacking love and he's got six housemates who adore him.


Susie said...

This is the most adorable video! Please keep the pictures and videos coming!

Nancy Holte said...

So, it's safe to say Miracle will never be lamp chops. :)

Unknown said...

This is such a beautiful story of new life, care for creation, being and having a good shepherd and perfect for holy week: as we move from darkness to light, from struggle and fear to joy! Praise God.

This whole story will be told with the pictures and video from the blog for Easter Good News for Children at Easter worship at SOTV.

YES!!!! Thank you, Becca, Rory and all.

-randy b