the tale of three heart pillows

First of all, when I told Elsie we were going to make a heart pillow she said, "For my collection!!!" I said, "do you collect pillows?" And she replied a very enthused, "Yes!" So now we know. I commented that she probably loved pillows because she's a lady, and ladies love pillows. I always get swept into the pillow aisle at HomeGoods...

Second of all, I have a story to tell, but Hattie wanted to be sure you knew she understands how to use a pillow. She got in nearly every one of my pictures while I tried to take pics of my pillows. And I think we would all agree that her presence, fake sleeping on these pillows, makes this blog post a billion trillion times better.
So here's the tale. Once upon a time there was a lady who saw a cute pillow on pinterest. She thought she'd give it a go. But it was way trickier than she had imagined. She had to recut her fringe to make the ends longer so she could tie them. And in the end, her heart had a very wonky shape. In fact, it was reshaped for this photo to make it look a bit more like a heart and less like a pink lion's head. But she didn't give up.

Yes, dear children, (literally, my own dear children) I want to you take note right here. When her project didn't turn out as she thought it would she didn't cry or roll around on the floor or go kick her foot at something hard and tell her husband she never, ever wanted to make a pillow again in her life! No, she didn't do that. Instead, she started thinking about how else she might make a heart pillow. That's when she found more felt and decided to try again.
And this heart was way better. She loved the white stitching. The shape was a little crazy once it was filled with fiberfill, so she took note how to cut her next heart. She also thought about how cute it would be to do some stitching on the felt before she sewed it to the back side. And with all these fun ideas in her head, she tried again.
And that was the ticket. Her third heart was darling. She loves it. Wants to make a ton of them. Not sure what for, but she'll figure something clever out.

Now think how sad it would have been if she would have cried and kicked her foot into the cupboard only to make her cry harder because now her toes were hurt, and stopped making that first pillow! What a shame that would have been. So let's learn from this lady with her three heart pillows for her daughter's growing pillow collection and not panic when our art doesn't turn out quite right. Let's keep trying, painting over mistakes, redoing our creations until we think we've made something awesome.

Don't you agree, Hattie?

Oh, look, she dozed off again with her head on that soft heart pillow...

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Diane Wallace said...

These are just too cute, (as is Hattie) and they make me want to have a pillow collection, also. Great words of wisdom about not giving up when things don’t turn out “just right“. Now I’m remembering that I have a bag of fiberfill and some felt tucked away in a closet, probably waiting for just this moment.