one less plant for the plant lady

Well, it was only a matter of time. Or, I should say thyme, because it was actually the pot with the thyme seeds that was used as the weight for the blanket fort. I wouldn't have advised this plan, but I was told excitedly by two little girls, "mom! there is a huge mess of dirt in the living room!" They were strangely thrilled by the whole thing. I wasn't as much. But I did recognize the photo opportunity.
I hope you had a good Valentine's Day! Yesterday I asked Rory if we had any plans for today and he said, "Yes!" And I got a little excited. "We have to bring the other lamb in to the meat locker!" When I asked the question I was thinking more along the lines of of dinner plans or a trip to the cupcake shop. But he was consumed with his plan of backing the trailer out to the barn and separating the sheep so just the one lamb would climb in the trailer. No cupcakes on his mind.

But we did have a great day. We celebrated as a family with dinner and cards. It was low key and simple. And a good day all around.

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